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Gig 15, have Borat send postcard from Kazakhstan

There are a lot of “I will send you a postcard from my home country” on Fiverr, they even have their own category but nobody seem to be using them. If you sort them by “Popularity” the top one only … Continue reading


Gig 14, your name in pee, in snow

Every time I mention Fiverr to somebody they light up and say “Oh yeah, it’s that site where you can get a guy to pee your name in the snow!” It was the first thing I ever heard of Fiverr … Continue reading


What is Fiverr anyway?

Fiverr is one of the fastest growing websites featuring hundreds of jobs that people are willing to do for $5. Whether you work in advertising, marketing or web design, you are free to buy or sell services online. Sellers are … Continue reading


Gig 13, a digital illustration of anything I want

Last week I ordered a favicon for the site made from our logo. I thought the result looked like a red duck pointing a green ray gun at the sky. While browsing fiverr I came across¬†Spacegnome, who will create a … Continue reading


Gig 12, a video review of my site, in a slight southern accent

After setting up a theme, getting a logo, a slogan, a favicon and even a text about fiverr I decided it was time to have the site rated. What do the users think of it? Is it terrible or is … Continue reading


Gig 11, Installing a favicon in a Twenty Ten Child Theme (and make it work in Chrome)

First, I want to apologize for trying to brake one of my key rules of this site: Don’t do anything you can outsource to somebody on fiverr. I tried to install the favicon I recieved in gig five but thanks … Continue reading

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Gig 10, ping the site and add it to a lot of review sites

When you don’t know what is good and what is terrible, follow the crowd! Lanfear63 will ping your site to a huge ping list every 3 days for a year and tag it to 800 review sites. This is one … Continue reading


Gig nr 9, a SEO optimized article for five dollars

So I ordered a lot of keywords earlier. Keywords are useless if you don’t use them, so it’s time to fill this site with some quality content. I don’t have time to write anything myself so I went, as usual, … Continue reading

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Gig 8, find a wordpress plugin for suggestions

The hottest thing in the startup industry right now is called Lean Startups (keyword by Eric Ries)¬†The key mantra of leans startups is to only create what your customers really need. Use customer development to find out what your customer … Continue reading

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Gig seven, have a ventriloquist explain the site

What better way to explain a completely new site to visitors than using a ventriloquist and his wooden companion? Slowbeat will say anything you want with his puppet for five dollars. He won’t do anything vulgar or threatening, thats good … Continue reading