Gig four, fixing the theme of the site

Url: check. Logo: check. Slogan: check. The next move is to create a better theme for this site. Using the standard Twenty Ten screams newbie-blogger and will probably scare away all possible groupies.Searched on Fiverr and it was a bit hard finding somebody who would do an entire new theme for me. Sure, a lot of gigs promised to “send me” a bunch of themes but that is not what I want. I already have a lot of themes on my computer, I need a new theme developed just for this site.After a bit of searching I found Cosmin who is willing to modify my wordpress theme according to my desire (for the price of $5 of course).I was looking for a brand new theme (making me unique on the interwebs) but modification will probably be enough. It takes guts to dare change something downloaded from the internet. Having a modified Twenty Ten might make me look like an experienced webguru which is way better than just being unique.

My message to the seller:

Hi Cosmin!I would like you to modify the standard Twenty Ten theme. I have just started this site: and just put up a freshly purchased logo. Could you modify the theme (changing colors, fonts and stuff) so that it will follow the same style as the logo (red, green, curvy, rounded, fun and a bit childish)?You can send the result to me as a zip, I can install it myself. Please let me know if you need anything more from me.Best regardsToreThe ending paragraph; “please let me know if you need anything more from me” is my standard text I use when I send messages to freelancers in my daily work. It works pretty well.

The result:

 A very childish theme indeed. It’s not even a modified Twenty Ten but a child theme for Twenty Ten (all you wordpress coders out there now what that means).The new official theme for this site will be up and running later today.  

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