Gig 8, find a wordpress plugin for suggestions

The hottest thing in the startup industry right now is called Lean Startups (keyword by Eric Ries) The key mantra of leans startups is to only create what your customers really need. Use customer development to find out what your customer is willing to pay for and skip the rest.In order to increase the leaniness of fiverr of the day I have decided to add some sort of suggestion tool. I use wordpress so I figured there would be some kind of wordpress-thingamajig for it.There are tons and tons of fiverr-gigs out there that has to do with wordpress installations, themes and plugins. But no service to “identify a good plugin for you”. After a bit of searching I found pure_business who will install wordpress or any wordpress plugin.Instead of asking him to install a plugin I asked him to find a suitable one for me. This was the first time I asked somebody to do something a bit different from their gig description.

Message sent to seller:

Hi Pure_Business!I just started the site: http://fiverroftheday.comI need a plugin where my visitors can suggest a gig. The plugin should be visible in the sidebar, when people click it a  a suggestion box pops up where they can write a message. Or something like that. Any plugin where the visitor can easily suggest a gig would do.Could you find me one of those plugins (I can install it myself)?Best regardsTore

The result:

He delivered really good! I recieved plugin homepage is found here.And now it’s up and running! Head over to the suggestion page to suggest a gig or something else you believe would make this site totaly perfect!Pure_business did an awesome job and delivered exactly what I wanted. The plugin is really cool

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