Gig 12, a video review of my site, in a slight southern accent

After setting up a theme, getting a logo, a slogan, a favicon and even a text about fiverr I decided it was time to have the site rated. What do the users think of it? Is it terrible or is it the best site on the interwebs? (I would guess somewhere in the middle)Went on a search and found a lady so desperate for coffe money that she sells her time for five dollars online. MyMochaMoney is her name and she will make a screen capture video testimonial of a website!

The message sent to the seller:

Hi Mymochamoney!I just started this site: and everything 0n it (the logo, the design etc) I have purchased from somebody on fiverr. It’s time to see if the site is good or bad. It’s time for you judgement.Could you please review the site and make a video of it?I really want your honest opinion in your video. If you think something sucks, please tell me. The site won’t become awesome by itself, we have to identify the sucky parts so we can eliminate them.Keywords: Fiverr, outsourcing, freelancer.Looking forward to your video!RegardsTore

The result:

The good part about this testimonial is that Mymochamoney is talking all the time. A lot of people doing reviews get nervous (or something) and click around the site silently. Being silent is terrible considering sound being %50 of the video information output. Thumbs up for MyMochaMoney for talking a lot.The less perfect part of the testimonial is that the testimonial part of the video is a bit small. The first 1:20 if the video is about fiverr and herself. Not about fiverroftheday.To be fair: On delivery she asked me if the video was what I had expected. Thus giving me a chance to ask her to make changes. If I had purchased this kind of gig on and wanted to use it profesionaly I would have told the freelancer to redo it.The results you get when outsourcing will always be better if you are able to spend time tweaking and asking the freelancer to redo it. Your success as a buyer depends a lot on how much time you are willing to spend tweaking your purchased services. Doing so, however, takes time from your other tasks and thus decreases the benefit of outsourcing the task in the first place.A seller asking for input after delivery is a good seller. She will probably help you do changes and let you tweak the delivery until you have what you need. I could probably have gotten a better video from MyMochaMoney if I had given her the chance.However, on this site it’s more about exploring what you get for five bucks rather than spending time tweaking the gig results to perfection.The verdict isApproved, but not thrilled (still have no clue if my site is stupendous or sucky).

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