Gig five, create a favicon for the site

Fredrik wrote a comment saying that we really needed a favicon. You should always listen to your readers, so I went searching for a favicon.Found Eyashwant who is willing to create a favicon from our logo for puny five dollars.Well, I found several favicon creators, seems like it’s a big business, but Eyashwant wrote that she (don’t know if Eya is a girl, but the name sounds girly) could deliver within one day. I can’t see why one should have to wait longer for a few pixels so Eyashwant is our girl (or man, with a girly name).

The message sent to the seller:

Hi Eyaswant! I just started this site: and all my readers are badgering me about not having a favicon.  Could you create one for me?Attached is our logo (also purchased from Fiverr). I guess the entire logo won’t fit in the pixels. Maybe you could choose the best parts? Looking forward to having pixels delivered.RegardsToreAttached image:

The result:

This is what I recieved: It’s small, like it should be. I can’t decide whether it looks like something I created the first time I was drunk (hint; it rhymes with “nuke”) or a red duck pointing a ray gun at the sky (which is pretty cool).To be fair, Eyaswant didn’t have much to go on. This favicon is probably the best somebody could create using our logo as a base. And if it is supposed to be a red duck conquering the galaxy using future weapon technology, it’s awesome.

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