What is Fiverr anyway?

Fiverr is one of the fastest growing websites featuring hundreds of jobs that people are willing to do for $5. Whether you work in advertising, marketing or web design, you are free to buy or sell services online. Sellers are encouraged to share their knowledge to the world, while buyers can get the work done within 48 hours.Fiverr can be a legitimate outsourcing option. There are many experts, freelancers and microworkers on Fiverr who are willing to do online jobs and work from home. Some of them will create a clone script for you, while others can help promote your website or get your blog indexed by search engines.One of the reasons why Fiverr is so popular is that it features all sorts of gigs. There are people who will dance in a hot dog costume for $5, as well as artists who are going to paint portraits for you. You can hire a programmer to create PHP scripts based on your needs, but you may also ask for a past-life reading. In case you have to make a tough decision, you will find someone to help you at Fiverr.Fiverr offers different categories of services ranging from video recording and web design to writing, advertising and programming. Once you find a gig that suits your needs, you can ask the seller for more details. Payment is made via PayPal or by credit card. The best is that you can stay in touch with the seller, share files and track his progress. All in all, Fiverr is an excellent option for people looking to make money, as well as for those who need to outsource tedious tasks.What would you do for $5?


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