Gig seven, have a ventriloquist explain the site

What better way to explain a completely new site to visitors than using a ventriloquist and his wooden companion?Slowbeat will say anything you want with his puppet for five dollars.He won’t do anything vulgar or threatening, thats good to know. I don’t want to support an actor who does immoral stuff with his puppet. Considering how the puppet business have been declining into vulgarity lately, I think it’s good that somebody finaly takes a stand.

The message sent to the seller:

Hi! I just started this blog: I buy and rate on fiverr-gig every day. You’re next. I thought you could do a movie where you (and your friend) explains what Fiverr of the day is about. It would be a short version of this text: you do that? Do you need any more information from me?Best regardsTore

The result:

It’s awesome, right? That’s a lot of editing for only 5 dollars. I think we got a joke somewhere in the beginning as well.Having people (and dummies) talk about the site makes me feel that I’m not alone in this. People are working together with me to make this site a success. Of course I have to bribe them with dollars but still, we are doing things together.I’m really starting to like this global marketplace.

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