Gig 10, ping the site and add it to a lot of review sites

When you don’t know what is good and what is terrible, follow the crowd!Lanfear63 will ping your site to a huge ping list every 3 days for a year and tag it to 800 review sites. This is one of the most popular gigs at fiverr, so I guess it’s Awesome (with a big A).Wanting to be one of the hip kids on the school yard I went along with the peer presure and clicked “order now”.In return I get a message asking me for:

  • An URL to the site
  • A 160 or so character line describing the site or service.
  • To choose a category from

The message was signed “Mark”.

Message to seller:

http://www.fiverroftheday.comIn a project to see how far you can take online outsourcing (and to amuse others), this guy will review one fiverr gig every day. Category: Internet & Online

The result:

Attached is the raw file of urls I use to submit your site too using proprietory software. There are 1164 urls and over 800 get accepted. The tag to the review sites will begin showing up in Google within 24 hours. Just type your url in and hit search eg: Thanks Mark ­čÖéAttached was the file┬átagfile.txt.

The verdict

Searched on Google just like Mark said I should do. It returned a lot of new sites:So I guess his gig did produce something. Maybe this ping thing will be the tipping point for this site with fame and fortune presenting itself just around the corner. Just like it has for all the other 800 customer of Lanfear63.It was also fun to discover the first crossdresser on Fiverr. Behind the female name Lanfear┬áthere was a nice guy called Mark. Maybe it’s a trick to make horny guys buy more or maybe it was because Mark63 was taken and in anger he chose the most evil name he could imagine.Or maybe I’m reading to much into this name thing. I just like to imagine that there are real people out there doing the gigs. It would be very sad to discover that it was Skynet competing with chinese spambots all this time.What do you think, are the people behind the gigs real? Or has the singularity already happened and we just didn’t notice that we only communicated with bots because we were preoccupied with ordering really cheap stuff online?What do you think? Is Lanfear63/Mark a crossdresser or a bot?

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