First post, what is fiverr of the day?

I have worked with online freelancers since 2007, buying their services via various forums, escrow services and sites. I have followed, and lived with, the evolution of sites like and odesk. Never before have buying services online been so easy as it is today.

The latest mania is buying extraordinary cheap services on A site where everything has the same price; 5 dollars. You can get anything from “quality” backlinks for your SEO pleasure to a guy peeing your name in the snow. is not only aimed at professionals like me (buying php-code, PSDs, wordpress themes, content and hiring virtual assistants) but also aimed at regular people who just want to buy something fun. This is something new in the online service sector. And that is what makes the site so fun.

Being able to quickly buy services online opens up oppurtunities never before known to man. This blog is about exploring those oppurtunities, what can one create using only cheap freelancers online? How can we collaborate online to create new and wonderful things together? Are the possibilities real and endless or am I just imagining things?

The mission of Fivver of the Day:

Every day I will buy and rate one gigg from The giggs could be anything. It could be giggs to help develop this blog, promote it and make me famous. It could also be giggs aimed at providing me, and me alone, amusement. In other words; anything goes (and the giggs will probably not cure cancer or bring about world peace).

I will try to use fiverr giggs as much as possible to manage and develop this project. I have a day job (managing IT-outsourcing for Swedish companies) so my time is limited. Thus, the success or failure of this project is entirely in the hands of the fiverr community.

I hope you will enjoy this site.


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7 Responses to First post, what is fiverr of the day?

  1. Really like this page! Nice work Tore!
    It’s in my Google Reader

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  3. melhak says:

    interesting concept i really like it ^_^

  4. Ben says:

    It was pretty funny and entertaining going through all your gigs. Hopefully you have more gig reviews in the future!


  5. Nick says:

    I love the project! I hope you continue with it. I would even donate if you made a donation button on your site… I would go so far as to make a Gig to make a donation button to put on your site.

  6. Fred Earl says:

    Has to be this one, Always has orders in the queue and people seem to be getting some great results:

    • Mark says:

      Yeah I ordered the same gig, gave my website a bit of a boost in Google an provided some good hits, Some other good gigs on there to but they dont do as much work as this guy.

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