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Gig nr six, the 10 000 most searched keywords for fiverr and outsourcing

The number one traffic source for webpages is by far Google. I want to have many visitors (we all do) so I somehow have to attract the attention of the worlds biggest search engine. One way of doing so is … Continue reading


Gig five, create a favicon for the site

Fredrik wrote a comment saying that we really needed a favicon. You should always listen to your readers, so I went searching for a favicon. Found Eyashwant who is willing to create a favicon from our logo for puny five … Continue reading


Gig four, fixing the theme of the site

Url: check. Logo: check. Slogan: check. The next move is to create a better theme for this site. Using the standard Twenty Ten screams newbie-blogger and will probably scare away all possible groupies. Searched on Fiverr and it was a … Continue reading


Gig number three, choose the most awesome slogan!

In the last gig, I got 10 “killer” slogans from Laylow making it very hard for me to choose the right one. But help is not far away. Remember the theme from the worlds greatest franchise of the ’80s: “If you … Continue reading


Update on the first gig, the logo is done!

I just recieved word from one of my fiverr minions, the logo ordered in the first gig is done! And oh boy, it’s a really nice logo. The supplier even gave me two logos to choose from so I flipped … Continue reading

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Gig number two, a slogan for the site!

Like all great projects this site need a cool slogan. What better way of procuring one than ordering it on fiverr? I searched for “slogan” and found laylow who will come up with 10 killer slogans for $5. I really … Continue reading


First gig ordered, a new logo for this site

Like you say in the valley; “getting an awesome logo is the number one key to success”. (can’t remember if it was Jobs or Zuckerberg) Where would Twitter be without their “fail whale” or Facebook without their famous blue and … Continue reading


First post, what is fiverr of the day?

I have worked with online freelancers since 2007, buying their services via various forums, escrow services and sites. I have followed, and lived with, the evolution of sites like and odesk. Never before have buying services online been so … Continue reading